Studio Rivet is a Melbourne based branding and graphic design studio working closely with clients to give them the tools and confidence to elevate their brand.

Empowering passionate entrepreneurs to connect with their audience through thoughtful branding and design solutions that tell their story.


As the brand strategist, graphic designer and founder of Studio Rivet, I'm here to help passionate entrepreneurs tell their story and bring their unique brand to life through thoughtful design and branding solutions.

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I'm Laura – thinker, dreamer,
creator, collaborator.

"Laura has been fantastic and professional to work with. She understood our business needs and worked with us to develop amazing branding that reflected our vision. The branding has been a big player in the growth of our team and our business, taking it to the next level!"

Katie Cleary – Director, Ocean Kids

how to work with me

Complete this form, sharing as much information as possible so I can get a clear understanding of your project and goals.


After taking a look at your enquiry, I’ll be in touch to arrange a call or meeting to chat further. Here’s where we can make sure we’re on the same page and a good fit.


I’ll prepare a custom digital proposal and contract for you to accept and sign online then pay your 50% deposit. From here I’ll share my welcome guide and get to work on your project, keeping in touch along the way.


what is branding?

You might hear the word branding thrown about but wonder what it actually is. Branding is more than just a logo or visuals. A logo is an important part of a brand, but branding is the complete essence of your business and how it shows up in the world. It is the story of your who, what, where, how, why and when. It’s what shapes the perception of your brand. 

Branding is the full experience your customers and prospects have with your product or service and helps distinguish you from your competitors. It makes people feel something and connect with your business across various touch points. This in turn builds trust and recognition. From your core values and vision, to the language you use and the platform you choose to use it on, these are all essential elements of a successful brand strategy. Having that strategy in places gives you the confidence to sell yourself effortlessly and connect with your audience. Does your branding make you feel confident?

To find out more about my process and how I can help build your brand, book a free clarity call.

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