The Psychology Of Colour

Colour psychology is the study of how colour impacts the way we perceive things in the world. Colours can have a powerful influence on our emotions and in turn, the way we think and behave as consumers. It’s for this reason that it’s essential to choose your brand colours thoughtfully. While the perceptions of colour are somewhat subjective and colour may influence individuals differently depending on their age, gender and culture, here’s a general overview of some positive colour associations:

An overview of colour psychology, giving a brief description of the positive associations of ten different colours.

Power, passion, love, strength, energy

Romance, tenderness, beauty, sensitivity, compassion

Warmth, friendliness, courage, innovation, energy

Optimism, creativity, happiness, intellect, joy

Health, hope, nature, relaxation, growth

Trust, loyalty, security, tranquility, integrity

Wisdom, luxury, wealth, spirituality, magic

Sophistication, power, elegance, authority, strength

Reliability, neutrality, knowledge, dignity, timelessness

Clarity, purity, knowledge, goodness, hope

Colour is one of the strongest components of your branding and plays an important role in how your business will be perceived. Understanding colour psychology is one of the first steps in choosing the most appropriate colours for your brand.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the psychology of colour, ask me about a brand audit to discuss your brand colours.

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