Word of The Year: Have You Chosen One?

Hello and welcome to 2024! I hope you all had a beautiful festive season and managed a break at some point (if you’re not still on one!). My little family and I got away on a road trip through Sydney to the Gold Coast visiting family for Christmas and New Year then explored a few beach spots along the way home. It was just what we needed and offered a wonderful time to reflect on my word of the year!

Family Summer holiday pictures at the beach and on a roadtrip – a time when I could reflect on my word of the year.

I’m easing back into the working year with a bit of planning and goal-setting. Part of this is embracing the magic of a fresh start and choosing a word of the year, a practice that I’ve seen gain traction over the past few years. It involves selecting a single word that captures your intentions and focus for the year ahead. It serves as a guiding light, influencing decisions in both personal and professional settings. The word I’ve chosen for this year is ‘healing’.

As you might know, last July we sadly lost our third child Molly at two days old. So this year as a family, we want to heal as best we can while we continue to grieve her. Last month we bought a caravan to prioritise health and wellbeing, spending more quality time together and going on new adventures in Molly’s honour.

But healing also intertwines with business as I aim to foster a healthy and sustainable work environment. It means open communication and understanding the needs of clients to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. It means continuing to incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives wherever possible. This year I’ll aim to combine personal growth with business success by prioritising skill development and work-life balance, which will in-turn lead to increased creativity and productivity. 

Choosing the word healing is my commitment to growth, balance and positive change, with the hope of a better year ahead. 

Do you have a word of the year? If not, consider the following:

01. Reflect on your journey

Before we leap into the busy-ness of this year, take a moment to glance back at the road you’ve travelled. What were the highs and lows of last year? What lessons did you learn? Reflecting on your journey will help select a word that resonates with where you’ve been and where you want to go.

02. Identify your aspirations

Now let’s dream a little. The upcoming year is a blank canvas. What are your aspirations? What do you want to invite into your life or business? Whether it’s growth, balance, adventure or something entirely unique to you, identifying your aspirations helps narrow down the possibilities.

03. Connect with emotion

Words carry power. Connect with the emotion of each potential word. Does it spark joy, determination or a sense of calm? Your word of the year should feel authentic to you and act as a guide along each step of the way.

04. Consider your brand values

For Studio Rivet, simplicity, integrity, thoughtfulness and sustainability are more than just words; they’re the foundation of everything I do. As you choose your word, consider how it aligns with your core values. Let it be the guiding force that echoes your beliefs and principals. And don’t forget to infuse your brand voice!

Here’s to a year filled with purpose, clarity and authenticity!

If you need help identifying your brand values, book a call to learn more about how I can help with this.

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